What We Can Learn from Children

How much do children teach us?

We may always seem like we adults are the ones who teach children at all times but the truth is we have so much to learn from them. They might not know the difference right and wrong yet but they sure know how to live life more than us. They are fearless and enjoy every second of their lives with no worries. If you think a child has nothing to teach you then you have not been close to a child before, everything they do shows you how much we adults don’t appreciate life.
Sticking around with a child whether you are babysitting someone’s child or a sibling of your own always gives you an additional value in life, you get to grasp something from them that you cannot get from an adult.

We can learn from their:
• Behavior
• Drawings
• Essays
• Plays and songs

Children are always curious about everything, whenever they see something they do not recognize they are always quick to ask; sometimes these questions become a teaching point for you so much that you start to wonder how much you have never noticed before. So what exactly can we learn from children?

Lessons that children teach adults

A child teaches you to always be busy and never idle around; they teach us to always be joyful and to always demand what we want. Apart from that, these are some of the lessons we learn;

• Be fearless
This is the most powerful teaching that we get from children, as we all know children are never scared of doing anything that they want to do. They speak whatever is in their mind and they don’t fear to be themselves even before strangers, this is a big challenge for us adults because we are always scared of things that that are not substantially scary. We are often scared of illusions like fear of the unknown or fear of being judged, this kind of fear always makes us fearful of taking risks in life.

• Everybody is special
For children, all they know is that we are all the same and special in some way. A child always sees the good in person unlike adults. We are too selfish to see the good in others as they do.

• Express your feelings freely
Children are always crying when they feel like you have not been fair to them, they express their feelings without fear. Women and men are always hoarding their feelings deep inside them which sometimes get too serious that others break down or even commit suicide. Research shows that women actually live longer than men because they express their feelings.

• Love unconditionally
Generosity is a very common trait among children; they are always sharing whatever they have with those who don’t. They give without expecting anything in return. They don’t always identify things as their own, they share from the heart. We should learn that from them and stop being so selfish and self-absorbed.

• Forgiveness
Have you ever realized that a child can get upset and the next minute they have forgotten out it? It is amazing how pure their hearts are. They forget so easily unlike us who carry around grudges for years over petty things.

This little girl says some amazing things that we should all learn to follow: